Bullying Awareness Week at St. Andrew School

Bullying Awareness Week Activities, St. Andrew CES

November 18th to 29th, 2019

18th: Each grade will receive a lesson plan to introduce elementary bullying prevention.Introduce concept of S. T. A. R. Start an anti-bullying poster to display by Friday

19th: Gerry Mitchell Performance at 1:30 pm for (Jk -Gr.3)

20th: Anti-Bullying Literacy-Read an anti-bullying book from the library or on-line and do follow up activity

21st: Drama Activity: Choose a topic from the scenarios provided and students role play with a helpful solution

22nd: Students will watch a short video on bullying awareness  and then a follow up discussion. Teachers will be provided links to choose from.

25th: Classes will read How full is Your Bucket Or The Giving Tree and Complete a friendship activity to go with the story


28th: Cyber Bullying: Class discussion about what cyberbullying means with reference to the cyber bullying pamphlet provided.